british mp’s support for islamic terrorism

and why not,
Pakistan is far from home,
if the Pakistanis are killing Indians in India, its no problem for the Brits.

David Miliband comments on Kashmir welcomed by ‘terrorist’ group

By Dean Nelson in New Delhi – Last Updated: 12:46PM GMT 18 Jan 2009

David Milliband - face of a moron

The radical Muslim group linked to the Mumbai attacks has welcomed Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s call for India and Pakistan to resolve their dispute over Kashmir. Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which is said to have been behind the terror assault in which more than 170 people died, has backed comments he made last week during a trip to the region.

In an article ahead of his visit to India last week, the foreign secretary said the ‘war on terror’ had been mistaken and that individual groups like LeT should be targeted and brought to justice. But solving the Kashmir issue would deny LeT its ‘call to arms’ and free Pakistan to fight al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in its tribal areas.

“Although I understand the current difficulties, resolution of the dispute over Kashmir would help deny extremists in the region one of their main calls to arms, and allow Pakistani authorities to focus more effectively on tackling the threat on their western borders,” he said.

The statement will cause further discomfort for Mr Miliband after India reacted angrily to his ‘interference’ in the issue and senior politicians branded his trip a ‘disaster’.

is he going to say
the same to the jews in Israel?
tell the Americans to pull out of Saudi Arabia?
did his Britain give into the Irish call for an independent Irish State?
was it not his party and government that invaded Iraq for their own convenience?

oh, no. this is about India,
and why should a British MP give a toss for the welfare of a third world state?

this is about double standards, a familiar stench in the west.

besides it is the election year,
and his party has to start pandering to the muslim voters in Britain.

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