from the party that will do or say anything to keep their muslim vote bank intact.
the voice of the pseudosecularist, negationist-in-chief, the Indian National Congress,

Term ‘Islamic terrorism’ wrong : Pranab

Press Trust of India | Kolkata, Dec 29 (PTI)
Mukherjee said that after 9/11, people in Europe and US coined the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ and tried to project it was a conflict between Islamic and Christian civilisations. Challenging those who described Islam as a religion of fundamentalists, Mukherjee asked them to show which part of the Holy Book encouraged fundamentalism. PTI

through the hypocrisy of a Pranab Mukherjee
the terrorist from within - pranab mukherjee

Minister for External Affairs of India
Constituency: Jangipur in West Bengal
one of the 12 constituencies (out of entire 543 Parliamentary seats) with a Muslims majority.

and what was he doing when he made the statement?
he was attending a programme to mark a bengali translation of Quran,
it does not take two brain cells to recognise who his audience were.

not to create an universal brotherhood you moron,
but to terrorise the world to accept the islamic caliphate, the ummah wahida
this is what an Islamic scholar and thinker Maulana Wahiduddin Khan himself has admitted
“Muslims have gained nothing from terrorism”

you moron,
it is not only a conflict between Islam and Christians,
it is a conflict between Islam and Jews and Hindus and every other religion.

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