one1india – a webring

are you an Indian – if yes
do you not love india with a passion
do you not believe in democracy, human rights and ‘true’ secularism
do you not get fed up of being gagged by political correctness

do you not watch in horror when terrorists swagger into our country a wreak death and destruction and feel you want to scream out your anger

do you not worry that the perpetrators will be sheltered by Pakistan till another 21 year old is sent over to kill innocent civilians,

do you not see articles on the blogosphere that are just blatant propaganda,
does it not make you angry that such lies are being cleverly repeated till they are accepted as the truth? do you have a blog, or intend to create one – to voice your concern? do you want to tell the world enough is enough – the ‘real’ truth is different

do you not worry that with time there will be less and less voices raised in question, till only a few left will be writing sporadically – voices too few to be heard, too few to be noticed, drowned by the propaganda, carried out with religious fervor

I do
and those who know me, I have been writing on such issues for a long time.

one1india – a blogsring – this is a webring,
as the name suggests it is a ring of blogs joined to form a never ending chain – one simply clicks the ‘next’ command on the little widget/gadget navpanel and circumnavigate the ring – it will bring you back to your own site

it has its own RSS blogs-aggregator – set to update every 6 hours –

this is my small effort to join our voices together, so that no voice become alone ever again

it is easy to join
it is an amateur project –
no ads, no spam entries and free to use
and never the need to change policies to inflate the members’ numbers – we would rather have quality – not quantity.

if you think that only I benefit from the links, it is not true – this is considered by search engines as the most natural form of reciprocal link – it is equally share by all member sites.

do you qualify?
if you love India with a passion and write on issues relating to the future integrity of our nation – you certainly do

to clarify,
this is not another ‘blogs directory’ –
to be a member you have to display a ‘nav panel’ –
the stepping stones that is at the heart of a functioning ring

you decide


~ by littleindian on 2008, December 12.

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