a graveyard for human rights? the ummah

Are you a non-believer? Have you ever thought what life would be living as a ‘dhimmi’ in an Islamic Ummah? If not, just pause for a sec and think of what it will be.

It may not happen in our lifetime, it cannot be said for our grandchildren and their children. This is a threat to their individual rights.

The world is losing the battle – terrorists on the ground, propaganda on the net. Just because we are too lazy to find the truth for ourselves.

A long comment on my blogs – that makes me think. I hope it makes you think too.

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I have responded in between his text for convenience.

i am sorry, could not manage time to read the whole post. have read a part. yeah, I am a muslim too. I never support such terrorism. I am not a big practicing Muslim. So don’t know much inside things. thats surely my badluck. like you, I am also looking for the meaning of fundamentalism. i think that person’s comment about fundamentalism is not wrong. see it: LINK
Believing in fundamental things does not mean that it can’t be changed. A core theory of medicine, mathematics can be changed. yes, in islam it can’t be changed because Al Quaran and Al Hadiths can’t be changed. But yes, they can be re-interpreted.

If the core of science and knowledge can be questioned and changed, I question why the core theory of Islam CANNOT be changed?

Islam is a religion that is believed to be the words of God revealed to a SINGLE individual 1400 years ago said. Unlike, say the Bible which is a record of events that happened in public, there are no witnesses, nor evidence that any such revelation did happen.

But Islam is a religion that does not allow any individual to QUESTION. To question is blasphemy.

Islam calls for the universal Ummah, for all to be ruled under the Shariya Law. Rousseau said,

Every law the people has not ratified in person is null and void — is, in fact, not a law.

Why should I be forced to live under the Shariya Law if as a non-believer I will never have the right to question it?

That goes against the rights of every individual human being. To me any such religion that denies me my individual rights, because I have no evidence to believe in it other than the words in a text written years ago; I cannot consider such a religion to be of peace, but of INTOLERANCE.

Why can’t muslims accept the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Why was there the need for the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam of 1990? A declaration that does not guarantee EQUAL RIGHTS, but merely EQUAL DIGNITY. And does not give a guarantee of FREEDOM OF RELIGION?

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