islamic terror: kashmir an excuse – never the issue

Islamic atrocities in India started in the 7th century. It still hasn’t stopped.
In 1947, the muslims carved up India to create their own homeland.
They craved for Kashmir, but they could not claim it.

They called their nation Pakistan,
they named their capital – ISLAMabad.

Millions of deaths later India thought they would be free from their bigotry.
It was never to be.
Since 1947
Pakistan caused three major wars, one minor war and numerous armed skirmishes.

Pakistan still continues to terrorise India by proxy through Islamic militants.
They have fooled the world to believe they do not support terrorism,
and only gives moral support to the Kashmiri freedom movement.

That is a myth.
Without Pakistan’s interference Kashmir would have been a peaceful independent nation.

Pakistan occupation of Kashmir

Why is Pakistan in Kashmir in the first place?
The questions never gets asked how did Pakistan came to be in Kashmir
and more importantly why have they occupied parts of Kashmir for 60 years?

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~ by littleindian on 2008, December 4.

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