pakistan: the international blackmailer

Pakistan is not a free nation,
Pakistan is a crooked military with a territory.

In the aftermath of the Mumbai massacre by islamic militants,
where one arrested has confirmed
his pakistani origin
his training by a Pakistan based terror group – Lashkar-e-taiba

Pakistan refuses to acknowledge that the latest terrorists originated from their country;
instead of accepting the truth Pakistanhas resorted in blackmailing India / US and the world at large.
Pakistani troops are in their alleged biggest operation against al Qaeda and Taleban militants on their western border with Afghanistan. Where, U.S. intelligence believes, Osama bin Laden is hiding.

Pakistan makes troops threat over India standoff

From Times Online | November 30, 2008
A senior Pakistani security official has warned that Pakistan would pull back troops fighting Islamist militants on the Afghan frontier if India builds up its forces on Pakistan’s border, as it did after an attack by Pakistani militants on India’s parliament in 2001. “If something happens on that front, the war on terror won’t be our priority,” the senior security officer told journalists at a briefing. “We’ll take out everything from the western border. We won’t leave anything there.”


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