the excuses and denials: islamic jihad

so it happened again – 26th November: Mumbai, India.
at least 130 killed and three times as many injured. And still counting.

the same victims: innocent civilians
the same perpetrator: The Deccan Mujahideen

the denominator: Islamic Law of Jihad
the demand: Release of all mujahideen from Indian prisons

for too long
the world has been in denial,
excuses are created to justify inactions
“Islam is a religion of peace” – that is a myth
“those who kill in the name of islam are not true muslims – that is a blatant lie.
those who wish to believe otherwise, these are the text from Quran,
that justifies killing of “non-believers”.

The Islamic Law of Jihad

Full article: the excuses and denials: islamic jihad


~ by littleindian on 2008, November 28.

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