there is no ‘non-real’ islam


Yet again the rabid animals have killed innocent civilians.
Yesterday 5 bomb blasts in a Delhi market place have left 20 dead and 90 injured.

Delhi blast


New Delhi: Five bomb blasts rocked popular shopping destinations in the national capital within a span of 22 minutes on Saturday evening killing at least 20 people and leaving over 100 injured.

The first blast took place at Ghaffar Market in the Karol Bagh area at about 1815 hrs IST in which 16 people were killed and over 20 injured.
Soon after the blast in Ghaffar market, two explosions took place in Connaught Place killing four people.
The two blasts in Connaught place took place at the Central Park near Palika Bazaar and at Barakhamba Road.
There were two blasts in Greater Kailash-I, too, with the first one taking place near Levi’s store and the other blast took place near the Prince Pan Corner damaging 10 shops.
The blasts were of low intensity and ball bearings were used to maximise the impact.

The Indian Mujahideen emailed IBN-CNN minutes before the blasts claiming responsibilities.

Indian Mujahideen claims responsibility

NDTV Correspondence

An e-mail purportedly from a group calling itself the “Indian Mujahideen” claimed it carried out the attacks, adding: “Do whatever you can. Stop us if you can.”

Killed by muslims.
Killed by mujahideen
Killing in the name of Allah.
Killing in the name of Islam.

Yet, there are muslims who will shrug of responsibility under their traditional excuse.
Such as,

All India United Muslim Mocha (AIUMM), in a communique, termed the blasts as an attack on sovereignty, integrity and secularism. “Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Persons involved in such heinous acts cannot claim to be a Muslim,” Kamal Ashraf, spokesperson of the AIUMM, said.

On a discussion forum,
when asked to condemn these killing in the name of Islam, a muslim member wrote

those who are killing for repligion are not the followers of the real religion. those who work for peace like myself are the followers of the real religion.

I can only read in disbelief.
With one evasive word and an evasive excuse – the responsibility is wiped off.

Any act that has been committed in the name of a religion the entire religion has to stand up and take responsibility. When there are a series of such acts with the same message it is all the more reason that the religion takes the responsibility to stop it.

Those who killed they were all muslims.
There are no ‘non-real’ muslims, just like there is no ‘non-real’ Islam.

There is only one Quran.
There is only one text from their God – one teaching.
Those who kill also finds justification in the same text.
There is no two ISLAMs.

The question in my mind is,
if and when the perpetrators are arrested, tried and found guilty of mass murder,
should they be hung?
or should they be shot?
or should they be pardoned because their act was in the name of religion?

Should we not ask the victims and their families?





~ by littleindian on 2008, September 14.

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