he is back – my crunchie-munchie man


He sent me away to see my friends.
And when I came home – it felt different – it was, it was empty.

I went looking for him, everywhere.
No –
not in his bed,
not in the garden
not in his pooh room
not on the sofa tapping into his silly blackbox, -he was gone

A worried ruffy boy

I was worried.
Who would give me my tumpy-tickles
who would chase me round and round the garden
who would sing me to sleep every night so tunelessly
who would make me cutie with a brush from tailtip to nosetip
who was going to be so generous with my crunchie-munchies all through the day?

I became thin with worry, and er, without my crunchie-munchies.
I counted days, I counted hours, I counted minutes and then forgot to count.
He was really gone –

one day I came home
I got into the house and I knew
I knew he was back, I ran up the stairs
he was tapping into his taplop – I jumped on his chest, and licked his scruffy face.

He is back, my crunchie-munchie man, the littleindian
a dog’s best friend.


A poem left for me by a new friend – Nanda

The hungry pet is back…
Give me biscuits and more of that
And next time you leave me like this
I’ll go away for sure and roam in street
I warn you master better take care.


~ by littleindian on 2008, September 8.

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