rabid animals


any group,
any religion,
any ideology,
any nationality
who is/are capable of this

Bomb blasts in ahmedabad
Image: From: Sify News
Scene of a blast site outside the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabd on Saturday.

Unborn, yet blown up – Doctor, pregnant wife die in blast

From: Telegraph India

Ahmedabad, July 27: As an orthopaedic surgeon at Civil Hospital, Prerak Shah, 32, would have been preparing for a busy night tending to one blast injured after another as they were wheeled in.

Instead, he was blown up with his wife and unborn child as last evening’s terrorists made the hospital their 16th and last target, hitting the injured a second time and turning a healer into a victim.

The bomb went off in a car in the parking lot as the young doctor and his wife, who had just arrived for a gynaecological check-up, walked past the trauma centre yards from the site.

Many indoor patients left the hospital today. Amid the atmosphere of fear came news that a car bomb had been defused near the trauma ward of Surat’s Puna Hospital. It was a Maruti 800, with a Vadodara registration.

I can no longer believe they too deserve any human rights
the world would be a better place for other humans
the sooner they are exterminated.

Its beyond human tolerance.





~ by littleindian on 2008, July 28.

3 Responses to “rabid animals”

  1. I totally agree Little Indian. There can never be any justification for targeting innocent civilians.

  2. Thanks earthie,

    This was ruthless and deliberate butchery.
    There were 15 other bombs in other city area, and the last one was placed in the hospital car park. To explode amongst the injured when they arrived, and the healthcare providers.

    This is beyond my tolerance.

    We kill bacterias, viruses and parasites when they attack us.
    These are parasites damaging my country – I have no problems in eradicating them.

    I will have no problems if the perpetrators of this crime are lined up and shot. They do not deserve to live.

  3. VERY upsetting!

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