India: the threat from within


The face of an absolute moron.
Who is prepared to gamble a country’s future.

Risk & Rajiv on Rahul lips

Lucknow, July 16: In one of the most forceful arguments for the nuclear deal, Rahul Gandhi today said it was a “risk” worth taking for the benefit of the country …

No, you don’t, Mr G.
You have one primary responsibility – to keep safe the future of India, my country.
You do not take risk, you do not gamble with it.
Like going to the races.



No individual can or should ever risk a country’s future,
an entire population’s future,
for generations to come.

If and when things go wrong, he will not pay the price,
he has enough power and enough dollars to buy himself cosy comfort.
And for all his future generations.

For away from the mess he is about to create.

What is wrong with us Indians?
Have we forgotten how to think, to let these morons gamble with our country’s future?





~ by littleindian on 2008, July 17.

3 Responses to “India: the threat from within”

  1. hi, great site and ideas. keep it up.

  2. I agree with you Little Indian. India seems very keen to get intimate with the US but people should know that once the deal is completed, Washington will call all the shots and control all of India’s foreign policy interests. I foresee another nuclear arms race.

    There seems to be a global rush to nuclear power. I’ve been meaing to write about it – when I can find the time.

    Warmest thoughts Little Indian.

  3. Hey ! How re u doing …..u re good as ever

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