a bathday to be happy!


They all sang happy bathday.

Did any of you know of a special day for doggies to have a bath!! And then be happy!!!
I do not like baths, I may take a dip in a muddy puddle, once in a while.
But not baths, and smelling clean and fresh.

I am ruff,
a tuff scruff
if you have ever seen one, … how could I be happy?

And they said I was two!
I am not.
I looked and I looked
but I couldn’t find the other me.

Ruff - the tuff little dog
I looked at my refreclection on the glass door,
one head,
four paws,
one hungry tummy,
and well, my tail does wag nineteen to the dozen
what can a dog do when given crunchie munchies, I ask you.

I am still just one self, the only Ruff.

Everybody gave me a pat
and they gave me lots of crunchie munchies,
I didn’t even have to be good. I wasn’t complaining.

It was a day special of some sort.
They said next year
I would be three…

And after all that singing, they forgot to give me the bath.



Ruffy boy is now two years old.





~ by littleindian on 2008, May 20.

10 Responses to “a bathday to be happy!”

  1. What a gorgeous dog! What a face. I love him.

  2. He is just so cute. I showed this picture to my daughter Anna and she fell in love with him straight away.

    Happy Birthday Ruff. You are delightful. Say hi to dear Little Indian for me. 😉


  3. HAPPY BUHDAY, RUFFY! you’re now entering the terrible two’s, so go easy on Mommy, eh?

  4. Thank youff,
    thank youff everyone,

    I did have the bath eventually,
    I get a crunchie munchie at the end, so it is not all ruff.

    I’ll try to be a good wuff,
    but there are doggy afternoons when sometimes, oh well

  5. Hi Ruff! Happy Bathday! You are two…too wonderful and too adorable. And now too clean. Does that make you three?

    I’m letting the woman who takes care of me write this, but the bathday greetings come from me.

    Lucie the Cat (I wash myself)

  6. Thank youff, puddytat for stopping by.

    I wish I could just go for a dry wash once in a while.
    I do not mind puddling through muddy waters, its the wash and shampoo I do not like. I have to be a tuff ruff.

    I do not mind being cutied with a comb. It feels nice, and tickles.

    Today, where I live, there’s a lot of water coming from the clouds.
    Littleindian said it was raining cats and dogs. I thought you might be one of them, so I went to the window but couldn’t see anyone.

    Do you reckon he was pulling my paws?

  7. I think maybe so! My lady said she was dog tired and yet she didn’t look any different to me. And then she said it was going to be Ruff…but you weren’t there. So I think they sometimes try to confuse us. But I’m not going to be fooled any more. Then again…I do like it when she brushes me, so maybe I’ll give her another chance. Come to think of it, the raining cats and dogs thing might be true after all…she once told me she stepped in a poodle.


  8. Awww….super cute….belated happy b’day Ruff lots of hugz xxxxxxxx and cuddles.

  9. awww 🙂 happy birthday ruff… though now a month in belated
    hope you had a wonderful day 🙂

  10. Belated happy bathday, Ruffy boy!
    Am sorry I didn’t write to you for so long but I do remember you always and keep checking with little indian!

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