what if… we the humans are not the superior beings

.. as we believe?

Never at the top of the food chain, but the very end of it?

Like the fodder will never recognise the predator,
like the grass that will never know what the cattle looks like,
or like the tree is unaware that it’s parts are deemed a delicacy,
what if we too are oblivious of the reality of our existence
we do not recognise our predators?

What if our predators are from a different universe or a different dimension,
perhaps even a different reality?
What if we are just being herded in a human farm – the Earth?
Being fattened only to be harvested as sustenance of an even superior entity?

Like we relish flesh, blood and muscles of other lifeforms
what if it is our souls,
(and of all life-forms known or still alien,)
that somewhere in space-time is being savoured and relished ?

All our souls
dripping with our egos, greed, vanity, thirst for wealth and for power,
the fortune of the victorius ruler exulting at the anguish of the vanquished,
will all one day come to nothing more than just an appetiser at a celestial banquet?

Just a thought,





~ by littleindian on 2008, May 4.

13 Responses to “what if… we the humans are not the superior beings”

  1. Wow Little Indian! What a profound post.

    What if indeed.

    The consolation is that no matter what happens, the greed, the power ec. that so many of us cherish and keep a tight grip of will come to mean nothing at all.

  2. Hi earthie,
    is that you on the avatar?
    So now I can put a face to all those images I had in my mind. šŸ™‚

    A flower power person, are you?

  3. Yes, t’is me.

    And I’m absolutely a flower power person. Lol.

  4. It is a ‘Just a thought’ but that makes us think a lot šŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for stopping by allirekha,
    then would like to know what you think?

  6. @ earthie,
    where are the flowers in your hair?

  7. They wilted Little Indian. I need to collect some more. Daisies I think. I love daisies.

  8. Oh!
    I had heard ‘the young girls had picked them everyone’ …

  9. Well if that isn’t food for thought, then I don’t know what is. Nice post!

  10. Thanks
    for stopping by,
    nice to find I haven’t been forgotten. šŸ™‚

  11. I like to invite you personally!

  12. What if???

    Dont think anything new is going to happen. The entire human species may become extinct, but I dont think man will ever think of the undue importance he gives to the worthless acts of preserving and nourishing all ill feelings of greed, ego etc…till his last breath.

  13. Well, that is definitely an interesting thought.

    I don’t think I would mind it if any part of me is eaten by the time I die. I’d be dead…

    unless… I’m concious in the death… o.O

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