how do I count love


It is exactly three years today that she went away.
My bestest friend.
My Ma.

She left me her love and affection.
In a jar.

Whenever she missed me, I am told
she would cut out or draw pictures of flowers, birds, butterflies,
on the flip side of each she wrote,
‘ma’s love and affection’.

ma's love and affection

How many?
I cannot count.
There are thousands.

I was away from her for fifteen years.
She must have missed me everyday for every year that I was away.
I had hoped someday I would be back with her, so did she.
But we ran out of time.

She had missed me for fifteen years,
she has left me to miss her for the rest of my life.
If there is an afterplace beyond this reality, I know she will still be waiting for me.





~ by littleindian on 2008, April 4.

12 Responses to “how do I count love”

  1. Hi Little Indian.

    Those words are very moving and heartfelt. I hope, somehow, you are reunited with her one day – but not yet. This world still needs your wisdom and humanity.

    It is 25 years today since my own lovely mother died and I still miss her.

    Warmest . . . xx

  2. I am unable to comment anything, I would just just say its so touchy.


  3. Very humbling… Please dont get me wrong, i m not complementing ur article, but I am trying to express my respect for your feelings…

    I am sure, She rests in peace… and yes, she must be waiting for you… and she is watching over you, now is the time when u can show her and she will see, how much u cared and how much you still do and how much you always will…

    God Bless!

  4. Thanks Earthie,
    as you may have seen I do not visit much.
    But it is always special to receive your comments.

  5. @ Suda,
    thanks for stopping by and your thoughts.

  6. @ shiwuz,
    thanks for stopping by.

    that’s OK,
    I do not write to be complemented, 🙂
    I have never claimed to be a writer, nor will I ever be
    these are my thoughts and emotions that I let float free.

  7. hey where r u these days?

  8. Hi prax,
    That’s a difficult question … I do not know myself.
    what is where and what is when i am no longer sure.

  9. wow!! it was beautiful..I share your sentiments of losing a parent!! I miss my Papa a lot……I wish I could meet him just once…
    God bless you dear!!!

  10. its beautiful… sometimes when i’m sitting alone in my hostel room, thinking of my ma, i wonder whether she’s thinking of me as well…

  11. Hi , its been long no words from you!

    read shares your post’s sentiments-


  12. Ouuch!!

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