you think you will live forever

you can hit
one when he is down
you can bully and harass and torment and tear
like a pack of hyenas till you feel you are the superior

but for how long the king,
always the animal deep inside. . . . . hyaenas

and you delude you have won
but for how long

Who wants to live forever – Queen

There’s no time for us
There’s no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever . . . . . Who wants to live forever . . . . . ?

There’s no chance for us
It’s all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever . . . . . Who wants to live forever. . . . . ?

Who dares to love forever . . . . . Oh, when love must die
But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips

And we can have forever . . . . . And we can love forever. . . . .
Forever is our today

Who wants to live forever. . . . . Who wants to live forever. . . . . ?
Forever is our today. . . . . Who waits forever anyway?

in universal time
the lie which is your life is just a blink
pride, dishonesty and you will soon be rotting to dust for eternity


~ by littleindian on 2008, February 2.

18 Responses to “you think you will live forever”

  1. Profound words Little Indian. It sounds personal.

    You are a sweetie – don’t let the bad guys make you too bitter.

  2. Thanks earthie,

    I am fed up

    I am fed up that the dishonest, the prejudiced, the opportunistic cowards are the ones in power, the managers and rulers.

    And they have been allowed that power by the even more opportunistic cowards, the all talk and no action arm chair do-gooders and the pen pushing pundits, the copy and paste artists, the shoot at sight loud mouths and empty brains; whose only mission has been to show off their pseudo intellect, and run like hypocrites at the first sign of trouble.

    It has made life difficult for those who stand up to those morons to say enough is enough.
    Or for not giving into the 21st century practice of equating justice with the largeness of the sums of money offered to buy silence.

    For whoever stands up to protest, are the misfits, the trouble makers.

    Is fighting for ideals worth anything anymore?
    And fight for what?
    or whom?

  3. Thanks earthie,
    the world order has changed.

    Now the size of an out of court settlement is considered as justice.
    To hold on to principles and refusing such settlements is being troublesome.

    Good Karma too will have a price tag.
    Those in power and with the money will ‘buy’ their good karma.

    Everyday I realise I do not fit in.
    I was born at least two generations too late.
    The values I hold are too old fashioned, beyond sell by date.

  4. Thanks for blogrolling me..
    This song reminds me of another song – “Zombie” by Canberries

  5. ……and when one feels this is the darkest moment and you feel like giving up….just push yourself a bit more….as the darkest moment holds the spark of weak light….its just there….!

    You might have lost faith or trust in everything (may be yourself ????) I still retain that you will bounce back like Bengal Tiger !!

    Much love always ~

  6. keep on writing litle indian.

    though i may not comment I am reading your blogs.I enjoy reading them

  7. Little Indian, just popping in to say hello and warmest wishes.

    Hope Ruffsie is looking after you.


  8. I love you now, no matter what.

    I practice non-attachment to the outcomes and take and cherish the little things.

    Peace LittleIndian.


    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  10. thanks
    for visiting my derelict blog, Rubyshooz.

    As you can see,
    I am on a non-attachment with my blogs at the moment. 🙂

    Motivation, is word not in my present dictionary.

  11. Really good to see you back, Clapso.

    First it was Dissident who left,
    then you were away, it didn’t feel the same.
    I always looked for inspiration visiting your sites

    I nosedived into a whats-the-point-blues phase.
    I’ll try an find the motivation, perhaps if I return to my initial bloghopping days, I may get back into the groove.

  12. Hallooooo !!

  13. Hello little indian

    Makes me a bit sad you’re in such a mood, but keep blogging. Use your talent. Talent not being used is worthless. Together let us be drops in the ocean of protest against this horrendous destruction of the planet and humanity. However, no matter what will happen the end will be:

    Summer grasses:

    all that remains of great soldiers

    imperial dreams

    – Basho a Haiku poet (1644 – 1694)

    In other words: These delusional idiots will never conquer anything. They cannot. Instead life itself will defeat them. Life in the broadest sense.

    So cheer up little indian you have much to offer.

    Best regards

    Dissident (or ZenFrog)

  14. Hi again little indian

    I think you will find this video interesting since you touch many of the issues Jiddu Krishnamurti is focused on. Krishamurti is a rebel, an iconoclast a fantastic psychologist and anti-philosopher. Actually he is the only “authority” I have respected since I was 19 years old. His form is “Western” but his substance is “Eastern” He is a bridge builder and cosmopolite: a highly civilized individual speaking the truth on what humans are and what the truth about society is.



  15. I was talking over the Parable of the Talents with Tom Usher over at Christian Common. Tom’s not one of the idjits BTW. Life is a journey : the end points are not under our control. All we have is a chance to be an example and to choose the manner of living. Life makes its own purpose.

    Seeing Clapso post here is a reminder of how wide a circle blogging links. [ Telepathic crickets : I never did ask what he meant by that.]
    My blog is doing a resurrection – formerly oldephartteintraining – now Opit’s Linkfest.

  16. I think I already have lived enough. Hey … you are a Doctor; would you agree to euthanise a human who is healthy, successful, young, pretty, even happy and bubbly, but who has had enough of life and who wants to leave the world to the greedy ones, the deluded ones, the hyenas?

  17. By the way, I like the Georgia performance of this song better; but I love it nonetheless.

  18. @ screenblog,
    thanks for visiting my site, and your thoughts.

    I do not have an answer to your question at the moment.
    Simply because I have never given it a thought.

    Yes I am a doctor and my instincts are always to save a life.
    I, honestly have never had this thought. I am well and truly stumped.

    What keeps me going?
    A sense of purpose – I have taken on a huge fight and I will see it through. If only to prove these animals are in reality cowards and should be answerable for their actions.
    I also have some responsibilities that I cannot forget.

    If I did not have these what would I do?
    Would I be able to continue in a purposeless life? I do not know.

    If I have an answer, I will write it here.

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