me a little indian


dear visitor,
wherever you maybe be from.

This is my first blog.

All my life,
I have been a jack of most trades,
but never could be a master of any.

I am the champion of the ‘also-ran’s,
overshadowed by the
more diligent,
more intelligent,
more talented,
more handsome or the
more wealthy.

I have been through downs and ups like a roller coaster.
Been through phases of being homeless, jobless and penniless.
I have looked at life and tried to understand the human minds
from being outside the ‘circle’; the silent spectator.

I never compromised on honesty, loyalty, human rights and the truth.
It has landed me in trouble on more than one occasion.
But I never lost the courage to fight.
Always a little indian brave, never the big chief, just an other in the tribe.
An Indian from India; born and bred, now lost in the ‘wildness of the West’.
little indian brave

I have only recently been acquainted to the world of blogging.
I never realised that so much of human thoughts,
feelings and emotions were floating around in cyberspace.

It is such a wonderful feeling that I,
in my cyber-anonymity am able to travel freely
beyond political borders and divisions of prejudices,
to share the thoughts and feelings of so many individuals.
With only my little dog Ruff, for company.

I may not have much to say,
but I realise there is much to read,
in so little time.

For anyone who may be passing through this site,
my very best wishes to you and your near ones.

May peace always be with you.





15 Responses to “me a little indian”

  1. Thanks Durga,
    I have always been opinionated,
    speaking in public made me weak in my knees,
    my views stayed pent up inside me for many years.

    Thanks to the internet, I can now set them free.
    That is why I blog,
    I do not want my unheard views to die with me someday.

  2. Hi little indian!
    Thanks for welcoming me to the wordpress blogging community. I like your blog, especially the poetry and the poetic prose, and look forward to visiting it often in the days to come.

  3. Thanks, spiritwoman.
    You are always welcome.
    You may have to put up with some
    thoroughly disgruntled posts once in a while. 🙂

    I will put your site on my blogroll.
    I get lost quite easily these days as I bumble around.

  4. Hi little indian!

    Enjoyed your comments on my site. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, you’re on mine as well. Your post on Blair was so apt! Its so frustrating to see people whose decisions have led to the snuffing out of so many lives not being held accountable. Same with George Dubya. Look forward to more “disgruntled” posts — its good to be digruntled, I feel. Better than being complacent!

  5. Hey Little Indian,

    I’m an Indian too, also little but that’s because of the height factor. Anyhow, I think your blog is really cool and I totally adore the header, it is all about what our India is. It’s good to see you aren’t ashamed of being one. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi ish,
    thanks for dropping by,
    and your encouraging words.
    No Indian should ever be ashamed of being one,
    but sadly, I see many who disown their roots and heritage.

  7. Hello Litul Injun! Me litul Injun too, from Kolkata the Great! Will feel happy if you visit my blog! And regards too!

  8. Hello little Indian! Me litul Injun too from Kolkata!

  9. Thanks for stopping by, life’s elsewhere
    I will surely visit your blog.
    How can I refuse another
    little indian? 🙂

  10. Thank you for dropping by and letting me know you enjoyed what I write. Glad to have you in the blog world, I have enjoyed reading your posts. I like the orderliness of your “to find the cost of independence”. I guess it was apt for the anniversary.

  11. @ mysoul,
    thanks ma’am,
    I found your site from spiritwomans’s.
    I liked your poems, though I was unable to
    differentiate the real from fiction.

    Best wishes to you too.

  12. Poems are in wonderful form here. And on top of all, the narration here on this page proves you to be a master of atleast description. quite a big blog indeed, however could I earnestly request an exchange of links, please ma’m? I’ld be honored!


  14. Hi little indian

    It’s Dissident (I am sure you remember)

    You probably wondered why I deleted Dissident, but the blog had developed into a mess of unhandy links that made it very troublesome to work with so I decided to delete it and later on rebuild a new one, that was more effective and manageably. And if you are interested here it is: .Same content with the best attacks on the power holder-criminals I can find. Hope to see you on the new blog. I have always enjoyed your comments.

    Best regards

    Not Dissident but ZenFrog. That’s the new nickname as I have another blog on Zen Buddhism. Working with the two blogs is like working in light and darkness.

    PS it bothers me a bit to place this as a comment but I couldn’t find an email on your blog.

  15. Hi, about your blog – please contact me on my Email, couldn’t find yours.

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